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Web Sites    

Web Sites & Programming

    Yes, I know it's odd to find a handyman who builds web sites, but I had a hosting and programming business for many years and quite enjoy it.

These days having a web site is an essential part of doing business. Professionals use a web site to describe to prospective clients what they do and how they do it. Trades people use them as a portfolio, show casing their work. Retailers use them to help people find their store, give store hours and show what they sell. They can even generate additional income selling their goods online, if they wish.

The point is, everyone needs a web site. Whether it be a simple "Here We Are" or something far more elaborate. Most people these days either consciously or subconsciously think that if a company doesn't have a web site, they're not professional enough to bother dealing with.

If you don't yet have a web site, or yours needs updating, sprucing up or modernized, give me a shout. I can help!

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