High Rock Mine

An early 1800's era hand dug hard rock gold mine is depicted in this multi-media carving. High Rock Mine is a scene that represents two miners (moose antler) digging a horizontal mine high up in a cliff. One man is sitting at the mouth of the cave lowering a bucket (cedar and brass) with a rope and pulley to the other man standing at the base of the cliff. Surrounding the second man is a work area with a pile of rocks with gold, a sledge hammer (wood), a shovel (wood), and a sluice box (wood and brass) filled with gravel and gold and fed with a water pipeline (steel rod). Elsewhere on the cliff is a mountain goat (moose antler), an eagle carrying a fish in it's beak (moose antler) perched with wings spread on a nest (soapstone) containing a begging eaglet (moose antler). The base and cliff are made from unfinished soapstone with large fragments of quartz and other rocks as well as real gold nuggets scattered through out.

High Rock Mine measures about 16 in. X 8 in. X 15 in. high. It comes with a glass case and a wood stand about 940mm high. It was made in July of 1991.