Michael is an Artist, Builder, Crafter,
Web Designer & Programmer, Inventor.
currently residing in Kelwona, BC, Canada

Michael is primarily a sculptor working in stone, metal and wood.
Jewelry is from Mastadon Ivory, Shells, Wood and Stone.
Other art forms are from a wide variety of material.

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Fine Art Sculpture

The primary style of Michael's sculpture is Semi-Abstract - That is, an abstract with a realistic element added. Materials are mostly stone ranging in hardness from soapstone to marble.

Folk Art Sculpture

Michael's Folk Art Sculpture is made from a wide range of materials. Stone, steel, copper, wood, mortar and other materials.

Mastadon and Shell Jewelry

Mastadon Ivory is the primary material used in Michael's Jewelry. Other materials are also used such as mussel & abalone shell, stone and semi-precious stones. Findings are of the highest quality available.


Michael's furniture is made from wood. Usually common dimentional lumber.


Michael makes a wide range of raft items: stepping stones, garden mirrors, metal decorations, wooden kitchen items, planters, bells and more. They are made from a wide range of materials including steel, copper, mortar, wood and others. Most of the craft items are made from recycled or left over material.

About Michael

Completely self taught, Michael has been carving since he was twelve years old. With experience in most forms of construction and a propensity toward tinkering and experimenting, Michael's art includes many materials and combinations.

Thank You

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