I enjoy writing at times and am getting more into it lately. Here are a few articles I have written. The first couple of chapters of my first book is below.


Mental Illness - What I've Learned So Far
Lyme Story - My Experience With Lyme Disease
Progression - A Personal Journey

Performance of a Kerkhof Beehive - This is an article I wrote for Bee Culture Magazine in January of 2009

References used in these articles


My Life
This is a collection of short stories from my life. Here are the first couple of chapters of this book. I will be adding more chapters as I get them written and are not presented in their final order, just in the order in which I am inspired to write them.

Mom - This one was difficult to write.
Queen of the Hive - Our experience keeping bees.
Hardly Workin' - Sailing for the first time.
Lyme Story - My Experience With Lyme Disease. This is the same as the article above.