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High Efficiency Greenhouse - A greenhouse capable of operating year-round, even in northern climates, with almost zero energy costs.

Operating a greenhouse when there is snow on the ground is pretty much impossible unless you're willing to spend mega-bucks on heat. The typical greenhouse just isn't very energy efficient. This new greenhouse design will operate in any climate with zero or near zero heating cost. Lighting cost depends on the latitude. If the sun is available, this design provides as much light as any other glass or plastic greenhouse. Construction cost is comparable to any other high quality greenhouse design, or at most ~10% - 20% higher. This extra cost would more than pay for it's self in heat savings within a couple of years.

As an additional bonus, simply by virtue of the way this greenhouse is designed, it's possible to use excess solar energy during most of the year to generate additional electricity. The design is capable of generating an estimated 50% to 75% of the power normally generated by a solar power plant covering the same ground area as the greenhouse, more during warmer months. Thus transforming the building into a power producer rather than a power consumer and adding to the owner's income.

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beach-restoration-equipment-florida (28K)
A beach dredge in Florida

Beach Sand Recovery - Places like the coast of Florida are having a big problem with beach erosion, damaging the beaches and threatening property. The power of the waves can be used to put the sand back where it was.

While visiting Florida a few years back, there were large dredges just off shore. Upon inquiring what they were doing, I learned of the beach sand erosion problem. Florida was willing to pay millions of dollars to have the sand put back, even though the method being used was having little effect.

Having always been in favor of alternative energy and "an easier way", I came up with a way to use the power of the waves, which are almost always present, to move the sand back where it's wanted. The project is large scale, but relatively simple.

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Water for L.A. - Cities on the southern half of the California coast have had a huge water problem for decades, and it's getting worse. A new water source is needed.

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