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High Cabinet Solution - High kitchen cabinets and short people don't mix. What's needed is a way to even the odds.

Kitchen cabinets, laundry cabinets, shop cabinets. Unless you're Michael Jordan, any cabinet that is ceiling height is a problem. Most people use stools or chairs. Some guys will stand on the counter if their wife isn't watching. Bottom line is, how do you get the stuff out of the top shelf without risking life and limb? In most upper cabinets, the top shelf is pretty much a useless waste of space.

With my easy reach cabinet add-on, the problem is solved. Adding $100-$150 to each cabinet pair, this device is a no-brainier for most people doing a kitchen reno or building a moderate to high end home.

Contact me for more info. NDA required.

Better Gas Burners - Big pots, small burners. Small pots, big burners. Adjusting the flame to match the pot is the solution.

More info soon...

Contact me for more info. NDA required.