Innovative Ideas

Andromeda Connection -- The Andromeda Galaxy is the closest spiral galaxy to our own, and an apt name for a company reaching for the stars with new innovations.

My name is Michael R. Harvey -- Artist, contractor/builder, web programmer, tinker, amateur scientist and... inventor. Many people see problems and complain about them. Others don't see the problem and just accept life as is. I have a compulsion to fix things. Create new solutions to old problems, and create new solutions to new problems.

I have over 150 innovations listed on paper which have come to me over the last 30+ years -- A few now obsolete due to technology advancements over the years, 10+ prototyped and operational, and about 6 I have seen in magazines as new products an average of 6 years after I designed them. A couple of those, they did it wrong and my design would be better.

All of the 10+ innovations that I have prototyped have worked as expected or better. None have not worked. Sure, some took a few experiments/adjustments, but that's normal. After all, Edison is said to have "failed" 10,000 times before successfully creating the first light bulb.

I'm not a "cutesy gizmo" inventor, although I have a couple of those. My inventions aren't one shot deals that I happened to need at the time and no one else would want, although I've made plenty of those over the years. Those aren't on my list.

All of my innovations are practical and either have mass appeal or are industry specific and of high value. If you are interested in investing or purchasing any of these innovations, please contact me.

Environmental & Social

High Efficiency Greenhouse - A greenhouse capable of operating year-round, even in northern climates, with almost zero energy costs.

Beach Sand Recovery - Places like the coast of Florida are having a big problem with beach erosion, damaging the beaches and threatening property. The power of the waves can be used to put the sand back where it was.

Water for L.A. - Cities on the southern half of the California coast have had a huge water problem for decades, and it's getting worse. A new water source is needed.

Construcion & Household

High Cabinet Solution - High kitchen cabinets and short people don't mix. What's needed is a way to even the odds.

Better Gas Burners - Big pots, small burners. Small pots, big burners. Adjusting the flame to match the pot is the solution.


How to Capture an Asteroid - Plans to capture asteroids are in the works. In fact, they are under construction. All that I've seen are ridiculously complex and expensive. This one is simpler. Much simpler.

More Comming Soon.


Aircraft Tire Saver - Airlines go through millions of dollars of aircraft tires per year. A way to save on tires can save millions.

More Efficient Solar - This method could increase solar power efficiency by two and a half to three times.

Sterling Engine Enhancements - Sterling engines have been around since 1816, with few improvements. New enhancements would increase efficiency significantly.

River Gold Mining - It is estimated there is hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars worth of gold on the bottom of the Yukon River. The river is deep, fast and there are environmental concerns.